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University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern)
University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern)
Luzern 7, Switzerland

University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern)

Welcome to the University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern), the centre for teacher training, pedagogy and didactics, located in the middle of the university hub of central Switzerland.

PH Luzern is fully at the service of schools and education. Its empirical approach to training and further education, research, development, documentation and consulting is dedicated to addressing the needs of practitioners. PH Luzern prepares educators for the major challenges they will face and provides them with
individual opportunities to develop in the profession.

For teachers to become effective and excel in their field, it is essential to undergo sound professional training that is closely linked to practice and includes the full range of further education and consultancy. PH Luzern is fully committed to living up to all of these demands. As a university, it

  • bridges the divide between theory and practice by getting students to complete a significant part of their studies out in the field under the supervision of experienced teachers and tutors;
  • identifies the strengths of students and helps them to develop their individual profiles;
  • makes an important contribution to the professional and individual development of teachers and educators through further education programmes and advice;
  • conducts research for the benefit of teachers and schools and provides stimuli for further developments in the field of education;
  • has access to a comprehensive knowledge base, which provides a solid foundation for best practice.

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